Players and Coaches Placement and assistance


Introduction and History

Richard De Jager has extensive experience in arranging player placements, having done so for the past 10 years for the Sharks and SARU. Exchanges have taken place involving players from England, Wales, Ireland and France as well as New Zealand and Australia. Over 200 players have benefited over the past 8 years either from South Africa or the countries mentioned above.


The main vision is to expose young players and coaches from different communities to rugby in different countries, as well as to the different cultures and lifestyles that they would not ordinarily be exposed to in their lives in South Africa, thereby growing them as individuals. This includes making sure that coaches are fully trained and exposed to different methods of teaching and coaching and to evaluate and learn from, as well as impart knowledge of our methods, in order to improve the educational and training standards of coaches, clubs and players in SA and the UK, as well as other countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canda, USA and smaller countries like Italy, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Argentina and other rugby playing countries in Africa.


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